Wait a minute, what’s a rest day?

…(crickets chirping)

As you all know by know I was snowboarding this last weekend in some great conditions. The weather required that I had to work extra hard to enjoy my time on the mountain. Thankfully my training is consistent enough that I didn’t really suffer any debilitating muscle soreness.

Snowboarding out of the storm

I did not have the same luck with my joints though. I have not kept up on my mobility since the end of the Whole Life Challenge 2014 and my hips, knees, ankles and back were pretty locked up come Sunday morning.

Now in times past, especially on a short trip, I would have said screw it and made my way back to the slopes, but this time I opted for a little R&R. I’ve been working hard, eating like garbage and sleeping as few hours as possible lately and the thought of trying to get everything firing that morning seemed like overdoing it.

So the family decided to scrap the plans for the slopes and go hiking and sledding instead. Although it wasn’t a total gluttonous rest day, you know…when you couch it up all day with a full roster of TV and movies, eating pizza and ice cream donuts. It was an active rest day. We even stumbled upon the Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Talk about a natural remedy. After about 45 minutes in the pools I felt completely renewed…must be something in the water.

Rest and Relaxation at Strawberry Park, CO

SO…what’s the point right?

The point is this…the next time you are feeling a little bit more broken than you should, play it smart and take a rest day. We program to work you hard everyday, somedays harder than others, but everyday is meant to provide you with a substantial challenge. Maybe you choose to go surfing instead, drop in on one of Lisa O’Conners pilates classes, go for a run, or maybe just work within a scaled version of the WOD that doesn’t completely destroy you.

That’s right kids, you don’t have to be HARDCORE everyday!


I’ll tell you why…because not everyday needs to be a PR day…

Does it mean you can sandbag the WOD or blow off the entire week? NO WAY!!!

Whatever it is that allows your body to recover, make sure you listen to it and follow the instructions.

What do you like to do for your rest days? Comment below.

Today’s Workout

Part A: 20 Minute Cap Weighted Ring Dips


Part B:

For Time Complete

Ring Dips
Shoulder to Over Head (155/115)
Level 2 – 135/95
Level 1 – Assisted Dips, 95/65