CrossFit No Boundaries is excited to announce the newest member to our roster of fun and sweat dripping programs….World’s Best Boot Camp Orange County’s next enlistment day is Saturday January 10th!

What is the World’s Best Boot Camp Orange County?Troop 006 Smash!

Read HERE how the WBBCOC is different from other boot camps.

We knew from the moment we opened the roll door on our first day in business that we wanted to create an atmosphere that offered a little something for everyone. But let’s be honest, CrossFit can be overwhelming whether you are currently an athlete or not.

That’s where World’s Best Boot Camp Orange County comes in.

It literally offers something for EVERYONE.

Whether you are getting back into a fitness routine after baby or are ready to establish a healthier lifestyle for the very first time, World’s Best Boot Camp Orange County listens to your goals and works with you to make the most out of this 6 week program.

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Yep. 6 gloriously structured weeks focused all on you and your needs.

There are 18 workouts

  • 21 Bonus workouts that you can do ANYWHERE (well..just about anywhere).
  • Nutritional logs to keep you on track.
  • Weekly videos to accompany what we are focusing on each week in class.
  • Nutritional Supplements designed to enhance your work in the program.
  • A really great looking butt.
  • Enhanced smiling when you pass a mirror.
  • A new crew of partners-in-crime aka “besties”.
  • Increased # of selfies to wow and amaze your friends and family…or make your ex jealous.

We all have personal goals with regards to our health. Figuring out a plan to tackle those goals can be tricky.

Most of us have an inner badass just roaring to get out but without the proper support all of that awesomeness can get lost.

Should that stop people from being healthy? Loving working out? Pushing themselves way beyond what they ever thought they could do? 10388648_814111468606693_3675088782918142206_n

Heck NO!

The World’s Best Boot Camp is a package of services designed to not only get participants in the best shape, but to get them mentally stronger as well in a supportive and motivating environment.

And P.S. As a mom to 2 young kiddos, I know how hard it is to make the time for yourself. That is why I personally love this program so much. To get ridiculous results all you need is to find time for two 50 minute class workouts a week. You do your bonus workouts at home (heck, have the kids do them with you) and the additional Squat Goddess and Pushup Pimp challenges can be done from home, work, on your lunch break too!

When our Troopers (that’s what WBBC participants are called) are done with this 6-week program, they are going to feel UNSTOPPABLE.

Reserve your spot in our Troop 008 NOW for our Enlistment January 10th, 2015.

Squat Goddess

Squat Goddess or Pushup Pimp? YOU DECIDE.

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Call us right now because we want you to be a part of the fun!