The World’s Best Boot Camp is coming to CrossFit No Boundaries!

After spending  all day Saturday at  CrossFit Long Beach as they launched their World’s Best Boot Camp enrollment day we couldn’t keep this news to ourselves any longer. CrossFit No Boundaries is the official home to the World’s Best Boot Camp Orange County!

Dynamic Warmup at CrossFit No Boundaries

What is the World’s Best Boot Camp?

It is a 6 week fitness and lifestyle program that is fun, safe and results based. This is the ideal program for someone who has wanted to make lasting positive changes in their life but is overwhelmed with the idea of doing CrossFit or any of the many other options out there. The World’s Best Boot Camp is a great option for someone who has never worked out, who used to work out but hasn’t in awhile (perhaps do to pregnancy, injury or “life”), or someone looking for a fun and safe program that encompasses nutrition as well as class workouts and daily fitness goals to work on at home.

The World’s Best Boot Camp Orange County will offer classes 3 times a week and troops (that’s you guys) will pick 2 of those days to workout with the class. There are daily challenges that will keep you engaged outside of class, a third bonus workout out you do at home as well as weekly nutritional worksheets.

He does workout at CrossFit No Boundaries

Perhaps the thing I am most excited about the World’s Best Boot Camp is that everyone is in it together. “When you succeed I succeed” is a big mantra of the program. Setting up an awesome group dynamic is a key goal from the moment you arrive on enrollment day and by the time you leave you will have made friends and garnered a support group that will continue to work with you for the length of the program and beyond. You start the program with measurements and a baseline workout and at the end of the 6 weeks take those measurements and do the baseline again (sound familiar?).

So for all of our hard working athletes at CrossFit No Boundaries, please spread the word to your friends, family, co-workers…the World’s Best Boot Camp Orange County launches April 26th alongside World’s Best Boot Camps across the world. We start together. We finish together.

Enrollment will be limited and we expect this class to fill up. Don’t let someone else take YOUR spot!

See you on April 26th!


Today’s Workout

Part A: 30 Minute Cap

Clean and Jerk

Find 1 Rep Max

Part B: 15 Minute Cap

For Time

100 Weighted Step Ups (24/20) (53/35)

*focus on technique 

We  have a lot to be excited about this week, the 2014 CF Open starts this Thursday evening, not to mention everything else that’s planned for the upcoming months. 

…I know…I know…I didn’t make it to the Fight Strong field trip on Saturday. Tell me about your first experience with Coach Adam in the comments section below(you know you can comment using Facebook, right?).